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The Genetics and Health Committee welcomes you to our newly remodeled home on the ACA website!  We have a wealth of information that we hope will help all Akita owners as well as the health professionals who care for them.  Please remember to bookmark this section for future reference, and be sure to check back for additions.

ACA DNA Bank logoTHE BANK IS OPEN!!!  Now is the time to store your Akita's DNA.  With the cooperation of the CHF, CHIC has made arrangements with the labs at MSU and UC Davis to store DNA for research purposes on breeds participating in CHIC.

Having samples with correlated data available opens the door to unprecedented research possibilities. Check the DNA Bank section of the website for all the information or go to the CHIC Website.  Submission forms can be found under the Forms category in this section or on the main ACA website.

On-going projects that need assistance from us can be found under "Help Us." The list varies from survey information to DNA samples.  Please check it and see if you might be able to help. 

Groups that help researchers attract researchers.  Funding is important, and ACA accomplishes this mainly through the Donor-Advised Fund of the Canine Health Foundation.  However, the best-funded study won't work if there's nothing to study!  Your participation is very important.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who've sent DNA samples, answered questions, sent photos, etc.  The success of the completed studies lies squarely with your efforts!

"You don't quit breeding just because you have one problem litter." --Erika Werne, Canine Health Foundation Parent Club Conference, 2005

And you don't quit researching just because your hypothesis isn't substantiated.  You have to remember that in scientific research, a researcher's hypothesis may or may not be supported by the results of her experiment.  Although a negative finding may be disappointing, it is by no means a failure. Think of it as navigating a maze. 

Getting from start to finish almost never happens without turning down a few blind alleys and wrong turns. Each time one of these false trails is eliminated, the true path becomes clearer.  Don't give up or get discouraged if a study you sent samples to or helped with doesn't yield a spectacular result.   Most don't, but they pave the road for the future.  Every day that goes by brings new technology and new applications as well as fresh eyes to look at what's gone before.   

The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) has a summary of all the health studies requested through them. For information or to submit samples  

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