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Akita Club of America Logo for homepage - also used on homepage to link to the upcoming National Specialty section.

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2020 Akita Club of America National Specialty

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President's Message
March, 2020:

Dear ACA members,
Your ACA board and many committees have been busy these last several months, and I’d like to give you a brief recap on our activities, starting with the illustrated standard. The Judges Education Committee continue to work hard developing a color standard, and currently, the artist is colorizing the illustrations. From the examples the committee has shared with the board, I can say without reservation, it will be an incredible and valuable resource for judges, breeders, exhibitors, and anyone who has an interest in our beautiful Akitas. The board has made several appointments, building the 2020 Akita National team. In that area, we have appointed Tori Wachtl, ACA Auction chair; Tamara Larson, ACA Ways and Means chair; Keith Venezia, ACA National Site Coordinator Team chair; and Sherry Lockrem, Chief Ring Steward. I’m also pleased to announce we have secured Ms. Patricia Strong for the Specialty Obedience and Rally judge. Other club committee appointments include Kristi Skipper to serve as the chair of the Public Education Committee, and Francee Hamblet and Erin Runcan were appointed to the health and genetics committee. Read More

ACA Rescue - We Have The Best Support Around

The Akita Club of America Rescue has existed as a fund-raising committee of the Akita Club of America for many years. In 2017, it reorganized as a separate not-for-profit organization, now known as ACAR. The IRS approved and designated ACAR as a 501(c)3 in September, 2017 and the organization began operations.

ACAR Mission Statement

ACAR's mission is to generate and distribute financial and education assistance to hands-on ACA approved rescues.

  • We believe that rescue volunteers & all Akitas have inherent worth & deserve our help.

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to our communities & our breed to provide accurate, honest, educational materials about Akitas.

  • We believe integrity is the cornerstone of breed rescue

  • We believe treating people fairly, ethically, honestly & in a caring manner is vital to the success of this committee.

  • We believe in promoting ethical breeding practices & teaching responsible ownership.

  • We believe we are mandated to work together in planning, setting goals & standards, & fund raising to support the work of rescuing Akitas.