As an update to the 2020 National, you may recall that the ACA Board had agreed to contact the Wyndham West Indianapolis, the host hotel, to negotiate canceling the contract. The Board was seeking a complete release from the contract with no penalties, fees, or other losses.

The ACA board hired an attorney to handle the negotiations and a letter was sent to the Wyndham West Indianapolis on June 3, requesting our contract be canceled and all fees waived due to the virus. On June 17, we received confirmation from our attorney that the hotel received our letter.

On July 8, 2020, the hotel responded: Due to COVID-19, the hotel has released the Akita Club of America from its contract. All deposits will be refunded, penalties/fees for canceling will be waived, and individual room reservations under the reserved block will be canceled.

For those who had planned to attend, if you would like to confirm your reservation has been canceled, feel free to call the hotel at (317) 248-2481. If you made your room reservation outside of the ACA room block, you must cancel your reservation.

I know many are disappointed; everyone on the ACA Board shares those feelings. All of us who attend and enjoy the National feel the same regret that this virus has impacted our lives in many distressing ways. But health and safety are our priority and given the continued seriousness of COVID-19 and its resurgence in many states, we are confident this was the right action to take.

Although this will not be a year any of us will soon forget, we are looking ahead. The Board will be discussing how to handle Sweeps, the Top 20 and the Futurity/Maturity for 2021 – as well as making the next National a true celebration. We hope to have more details for you in an upcoming ACA Update, if not sooner.

It has been a long, stressful few months, and I appreciate everyone’s patience and support. There is still much to do and on behalf of the Board, we will do our very best to keep you informed.

Thank you again and be safe.

Shannon Miller
ACA President

Judges moved to 2021:

Capitol Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

Topeka KS
Sept 20 - 25, 2021
Regionals: TBD
Pre National: Patricia Gilliard
Dogs/Bitches: Coleman Nemerov
BOB: James Frederiksen
Sweeps: TBD
Futurity: TBD