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Trophy Sponsor Sponsor Note
Best of Breed    
Owner Handled Best of Breed    
Best of Opposite Sex    
Best Bred By Exhibitor    
Best of Winners    
Best Veteran    
Best Puppy    
Winners Dog    
Winners Bitch    
High in Trial    
Top 20 Invitational    
Top 20 Invitational Winner    
Top 20 Owner Handled Winner    
Best Foreign Bred    
Best in Sweeps Puppy    
Dogs 6-9 months 1st-4th place    
Dogs 9-12 months 1st-4th place    
Dogs 12-18 months 1st-4th place    
Bitches 6-9 months 1st-4th place    
Bitches 9-12 months 1st-4th place    
Best Sr. in Sweeps Puppy    
Best in Sweepstakes Veteran    
BOS Sweepstakes Veteran    
Sweeps Veteran Bitches 10+ years 1-4 Placements    
Grand Futurity    
Grand Maturity    
Futurity Dogs 6-9 months 1st-4th Placements    
Futurity Dogs 9-12 months 1st-4th Placements    
Maturity Dogs Over 24 months 1st-4th Placements    
Maturity Bitches > 24 months    
Breeders Cup    
Best Breeders Cup    
Best Stud Dog    
Best Brood Bitch    
Best Brace    
National Conformation    
Best of Breed    
Best of Opposite Sex    
Best of Winners    
Best Bred by Exhibitor    
Owner Handled Best of Breed    
Winners Dog    
Reserve Winners Dog    
Winners Bitch    
Reserve Winner's Bitch    
Dogs 6-9 months 1-4th Placements    
Dogs 9-12 months 1st-4th Placements    
Dogs 12-18 months 1-4th Placements    
Open Dogs 1st-4th Placements    
Bitches 6-9 months 1-4th Placements    
Bitches 9-12 months 1-4th Placements    
Bitches 12-18 months 1-4th Placements    
American Bred Dogs 1-4th Placements    
Open Bitches 1-4th Placements    
American Bred Bitches s 1-4th Placements    
Veteran Dog 7-10    
Veteran Dog 10+    
Veteran Bitch 7-10    
Veteran Bitch 10+    
Best Veteran in Show    
Bred by Exhibitor Dog    
Bred by Exhibitor Bitch    
Best Jr. Showmanship    
Pre National Performance    
Novice A 1st-4th Placements    
Rally Novice A 1st-4th Placements    
Rally Intermediate 1st-4th Placements    
Rally Highest Scoring Triple    
High in Trial    
High Combined Score    
Novice A 1st-4th Place    
Novice B 1-st-4th Place    
Open A 1st-4th Place    
Open B 1-st-4th Place    
Preferred Novice 1-st-4th Place    
Beginner Novice A 1-st-4th Place    
Grad Novice 1-st-4th Place    
Rally Novice A 1-4th placements    
Rally Novice B 1-4th placements    
Rally Intermediate 1st-4th Placements    
Rally Advanced A 1-4th Placements    
Rally Advanced B 1st-4th Placements    
Versatility 1-4th Placements    
Rally Excellent 1-4th Placements    
Bronze Donors    
Matty DeMeo    
Tracy & Richie Lucera    
Brittany LaCroix    
Linda Walker    
Silver Donors     
Dr. Wayne & Teresa Brown    
Helen & Pieter Burke    
Alex Williams    
Brinn & William Nakahara    
Lynne Torres    
Gold Donors    
Elea Warf    
Jerid Ahrens    
Theresa Ahrens    
Lone Star Akita Club of Houston