Akita Rescue Donation

In Aug 2017, the Akita Club of America Board approved by-laws to form the Akita Club of America Rescue (ACAR) as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. As a result, donations to ACAR may be tax deductible!

The Akita Club of America Rescue mission is to generate and distribute financial and education assistance to hands-on ACA approved rescues.

Information on ACAR can be found at www. akitaclubrescuefund.org and donations can be made there and by mail to ACAR, c/o Sherry Lockrem, 4309 Diloreto Ave, Madison, WI 53704. The website is still under construction so check back often and like our Facebook page


The ACAR Board wants to hear your feedback and ideas for ways to help. Please send them to wbrown@akitaclubrescuefund.org or any of the board members, who are listed on the ACAR page.

Akita Club Rescue accepts donations of any amount.
Thank you for your consideration!