Akita Rescue

The primary mission of the ACA Rescue Committee is to provide information and support services, educate and financially assist the Akita Rescue Groups that serve the overall needs of homeless, abandoned and relinquished Akitas across the country.    The groups are 501 (c) (3), have signed the Rescue Code of Ethics  and meet the requirements for an ACA Rescue Fund Identification Number.

  • We believe that rescue volunteers and all Akitas have inherent worth and deserve our help.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to our communities and our breed to provide accurate, honest, educational materials about Akitas.
  • We believe integrity is the cornerstone of breed rescue.
  • We believe treating people fairly, ethically, honestly and in a caring manner is vital to the success of this committee.
  • We believe in promoting ethical breeding practices and teaching responsible ownership.
  • We believe we are mandated to work together in planning, setting goals and standards, and fund raising to support the work of rescuing Akitas.

Many folks think that all Akitas that end up in rescue are genetically inferior and/or have behavior problems.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Many of the Akitas that end up with a Rescue group are dogs in which their original owner paid a lot of money for them.   So why do so many of these dogs end up with Rescue groups?

If the Akita was purchased as a possession rather than a friend or new family member,  they simply outlive their usefulness or the novelty wears off.  Many times an Akita falls victim to the impulsive buyer who did not consider the time, effort and expense needed to be a dog owner.  Or the buyer that didn't do their homework on the characteristics of the Akita only to find they are unable to handle them. What is most unfortunate is that not all breeders will take these unwanted Akitas back.  These dogs usually enter a Rescue Groups because they have been dropped off at a shelter or otherwise abandoned.

Choosing a rescue dog over a purchased pup will not solve the pet overpopulation problem (only responsible pet owners and breeders can do that), but it does give many of them a chance they otherwise would not have. But, beyond doing a "good deed", adopting a rescue dog can be the best decision and addition to the family you ever made.


To find one, check out the many deserving dogs listed with the Local Akita Rescue Groups.

If you have any questions please contact ACA Rescue: