Novo-Dia's Raging Red Baron CD BN RE TDIA TT CGC THD VA
Owner: Mary Mignogna

Baron was my first performance dog & what a world have we shared together. Bred by Cyndi Crum of Novo-Dia Kennels; born 11/16/2004. 3 shows, 3 qualifying legs, our first title together being a Rally Novice title. And the rest as they say, is history.

Baron has obtained his Rally Advanced & Excellent titles and has 2 legs towards his Rally Adv Excellent title. We then switched over to Obedience & obtained his CD & Beginner Novice title. We have begun therapy dog visits & the looks on peoples' faces in nursing home is priceless. Although he is pretty much retired, he has earned the right to be a couch potato.