As animals age, they lose muscle mass and begin to experience degeneration of cartilage. As in people, arthritis is a common problem. Pets with arthritis suffer pain and decreased mobility


  • Keep your pet on the slim side. Obesity contributes to joint problems.
  • Pain control is needed if your pet has arthritis. Pain control will improve mobility. Your animal will feel much better and you can continue to enjoy your walks etc. Thankfully there are now a number of treatment options available for the senior pet with arthritis.
  • Make sure food and water bowls are easily accessible.
  • Assist your older dog with stairs if needed (avoid stairs where possible). A ramp may help the older pet in getting into and out of the house.
  • If your pet slips and slides on surfaces such as linoleum or hardwood, put a carpet runner down to make it easier for the older pet to get up.
  • Diets incorporating antioxidant vitamins and glucosamine are recommended in older dogs with arthritis.