Much of our work is with researchers who are otherwise funded, but who need help obtaining samples, specific pedigrees and other information, and/or help from the Akita-owning public as well as ACA members.  The ACA does fund specific research projects or studies, usually through the Donor Advised Fund of the Canine Health Foundation. This is always determined by the ACA Board, not the GHC Committee, although we do make recommendations.

We recommend research or not, which simply put, means that we consult with the Canine Health Foundation every year in their Call for Proposals and then review and prioritize research proposals that cross our desk. We look for proposals that are

  • reasonable in scope (scientifically sound and fundable),
  • address a disease issue that is statistically a top concern for breeders or owners or a leading cause of death

We don’t often recommend funding projects that are redundant in nature, don’t address current concerns, don’t reflect a common concern among Akita owners and breeders or has obvious funding issues.