We answer your questions regarding statistical reports, emergent concerns, and known problems in the breed. We are happy to refer members and non-members alike to people who may be able to help them, including:  researchers, expert diagnostic veterinarians in that field, and experienced owners who have volunteered to help with support issues for various problems, including VKH, SA, microphthalmia and polyarthropathy.

The GHC provides help with pedigree analysis and breeding as well. We have been lucky to have at least one or two practicing geneticist on the committee for several years. We've fielded questions from all over the US and from foreign countries as far away as Japan.  We provide knowledgeable support and referral.  We will also always recommend all ongoing health concerns be pursued with your veterinary practitioner  WE DO NOT GIVE OUT VETERINARY ADVICE.

We report to the board on a quarterly basis to keep them apprised of our activities.  This includes current projects underway, inquiries and their disposition, and emergent health or genetic concerns for our breed.

One of our most important missions is for you, visitor and reader--THIS SECTION OF THE ACA WEBSITE! Please write us if you need more information.

Updated on 09/18/2008