Musculoskeletal Disease


As animals age, they lose muscle mass and begin to experience degeneration of cartilage. As in people, arthritis is a common problem. Pets with arthritis suffer pain and decreased [...]

Endocrine Diseases


Older animals are at risk for the development of thyroid diseases, diabetes, and adrenal gland disorders. Recommendation: Have your older pet examined twice a year. Early detection of these [...]

Reproductive System


If your dog was not spayed or neutered earlier in life, problems may occur as he/she gets older. Intact females are prone to infections in the uterus and cancer [...]

Tooth & Gum Disease


Severe tooth and gum disease can cause your pet to go off their food and may cause an infection that can spread to the rest of the body. Teeth [...]

Kidney Problems


The first sign of kidney problems may be a pet that drinks more and urinates more. The pet may lose its appetite, vomit or become sluggish. Older animals have [...]

Heart & Lungs


Older pets are more likely to develop heart murmurs and lung problems. They may cough, wheeze, pant more and seem short of breath with activity. Recommendation: Twice yearly examinations [...]

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