Hall of Fame

The Akita Performance Hall of Fame to be administrated by the ACA Performance Committee. Qualifying dogs who are owned by an ACA member will be issued a certificate. All legacy certificates for previous members will be issued by request. Current members will automatically receive their certificates. All qualifying dogs will be listed on the ACA website under the performance section with registered name, call name, owner, and breeder. There will be a notation that ACA members may request a certificate.

AKC and ACA titles on names only.  Titling would be AKC or AKC-recognized titling only.

All AKC Registered Akitas will be eligible. PAL or ILP Akitas may apply for inclusion by supplying verification of purebred status via Wisdom Panel Purebred DNA certification test.

The qualifications would be as follows:


Utility (UD) or higher

Rally Obedience

Rally Master (RM)


Agility Master (MXP, MX, MFP, MXF, MJP, or MXJ) or higher


Therapy Distinguished (THDD)

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt Champion (RATCH)

Dock Diving

Elite (DE or AE) or higher

Scent Work

Scent Work Master Title (SWM)

2020 ACA Hall Of Fame recipients

Zephyr’s Noel Bassier CD BN RN FDC CA TT THDD CGCA CGCU TKA ATT VAX6 --“Noel” is owned by Tom & Shannon Miller


GCH CH Countryside’s Uptown Girl RN TT THDD CGCA CGCU TKA ATT VA -- “Darcy” is owned by Becky Bullard & Elea Warf

Big Benz Willow Creek's Kiyomi FDC CA SWM SHDM CGCA CGCU TKP "Kiyo" is owned by Nancy Almann

Kumite Diamond's Willow Creek Kodotoka CAA ACT1 SWM SHDM CGCA CGCU TKA "Toka" is owned by Nancy Almann

2019 ACA Hall Of Fame recipients

GCHP CH Sherob Stardust It Had To Be You, “Frank,” Sherry Wallis, Teresa & Rick Witte

Hall of Fame for (THDD) Therapy Dog Distinguished -  GCH CH Countryside's Rumors Royal Star Kayden RN TT THDD CGCA CGCU TKA ATT , “Kayden,” Elea Warf

Conformation (GCHP) - MBIS/MBISS GCHP2 Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth ROMX CGC TT TKN, “Nik,” Stacey Borrmann

MBIS/BISS GCHP CH Stardust’s See You At The Show RN, “Nick,” Teresa & Rick Witte, Patricia Rogers & Robert Rogers

Conformation (GCHP2) - GCHP2 CH Cr Wicca's Trade Secret, “Trader,” Tom & Ann Bavaria

Hall of Fame for Advanced Excellent (RAE) -   GCH CH RO3 Ursa Major’s Field of Dreams CD BN RM RAE NFP RATO CGCA, “Wrigley,” Tom Knoebel

Skylar Ellis CA DCAT RATCH CGCA CGCU TKN VA "Skylar" is owned by Julie and Bobby Ellis

2018 ACA Hall Of Fame recipients



ACA Hall of Fame Haylie's Comet TT THDD CGCA CGCU TKN
Owner: Elea Warf

Haylie gift was her ability to love people and do therapy work.  Haylie LOVED people and attention.  She actually ended up having around 500+ therapy visits but we stopped counting once we made it to 400.   Haylie would walk in a facility and prance most times, and whooing to let everyone know she was there and ready to start passing out nose touches.  She loved to touch her nose to a hand to let the patient know i'm here, i'm ready to be pet.   Sometimes if a patient feel asleep while petting she would also touch their hand with her nose to wake them up.   Her patients got a kick out of that and would chuckle and apologize to her "i'm sorry haylie did i fall asleep while petting you?"  Haylie just had a special way about her she touched a lot of lives.  Sometimes we would get a room full of people, She would walk around the room and stop at each person to get pet and then move to the next.  After that she would work her way back around and then start going to certain people who she felt needed her more.  Honored haylie is in the Hall of Fame for her therapy work.. she was really good at it!

Hall of Fame for Advanced Excellent (RAE) - Ursa Major’s Sparkling Solitaire BN RAE CGC VA AOM "Sprite" - Tom Knoebel

2017 ACA Hall Of Fame recipients

Hall of Fame for Advanced Excellent (RAE)  - Minda & Midnite The Gods Have Spoken CDX BN GN RAE NAP CA CGCA CGCU VAX , "Gabby" - Barbara Sikkink & F.Hamblet, H. Walker & L. Morgan

Hall of Fame for Agility (Agility Master (MXP, MX, MFP, MXF, MJP, or MXJ) or higher)  - Celtic's Dark Angel MXP MJP OFP RATI RATN VA "Maxine" - Karen Blohm-Mangone

Hall of Fame for Advanced Excellent (RAE) - GCH CH Huntmere Always In Your Corner At Mimar CDX BN RAE "Mikki" - M Mignogna/M Mignogna & DeAnne Hunt

Hall of Fame for Advanced Excellent (RAE) - Gekko's Snow Punk of Wild Ridge CD BN RAE CGCA "Punkin" - Monica Colvin & Michele Petersen

Hall of Fame for Obedience (Utility (UD) or higher) - CH Tetsuryu Of Takeshita Kensha UD - B Bobrow/C Kam/C Parker/F Sakayeda

Hall of Fame for Agility (Agility Master (MXP, MX, MFP, MXF, MJP, or MXJ) or higher)  -  Westar's Mighty Faithful Zadok CDX RE AX MXJ XF THD "Zadok" - Julie Burk