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JEC Mission/Purpose:
The mission of the Judges’ Education Committee is to provide education to current and prospective Akita judges who intend to apply to the AKC for approval to judge the breed. The JEC also provides continuing education to licensed Akita judges as appropriate.

JEC Vision & Goal:
The JEC seeks to educate prospective and current Akita judges by developing educational materials based on the AKC Akita Standard, delivering seminars, serving as breed and ringside mentors, providing judging techniques, and disseminating information. To achieve this goal, the JEC reviews, revises and updates educational materials on a regular basis, develops new materials, and seeks on-going feedback/assessment from JEC participants/attendees and others that is used to improve the quality and delivery of seminars and materials.

JEC Committee Chair:
California — Sylvia Thomas

JEC Committee Members:
Arizona — Sophia Kaluzniacki, DVM
California — Carol Foti
Georgia — Rebecca Kestle
New York — Mona Shaw
Texas — Nancy Amburgey

JEC Mentor List

ACA Approved Breed Mentors  *JEC  Members | **JEC  Chair
Arizona Sophia Kaluzniaki, DVM* 520-­‐625-­‐1560
California (Northern) Carol Foti *
Hollie Walker/Francee  Hamblet
California (Southern) Sylvia Thomas**
Susan Cargill
Colorado Cindy  Hutt
Jeff  Melnick
Richard  Shaw


Connecticut Terri  Breen
Kim  Holmes
Delaware Ruth  Zimmerman 302-­‐478-­‐6752
Florida Beverly  Vics 863-­‐439-­‐6990
Georgia Rebecca  Kestle*
Cindy  Smith
Idaho Ingrid  Linerud 509-­‐922-­‐7824
Illinois Ree Keca 815-­‐439-­‐6716
Indiana Priscilla McCune 317-­‐849-­‐1890
Kentucky Lynn  Morgan 859-­‐527-­‐3360
Maryland Jo Ann Charnik
Pat  Mills
Michigan Rita  Biddle
Julie  Mayes
Linda  Walker


Minnesota Coleman Nemerov 763-­‐416-­‐4130
New Jersey Linda & Frank  Ingemi
Cheryl Koenitz
New Hampshire Keith Venezia 603-­‐483-­‐8087
New York Miriam & Steve Lisker
Mona Shaw*
Oklahoma Donna & Mike Bennett 918-­‐241-­‐3000
Oregon Colleen Sullivan 503-­‐538-­‐5421
Tennessee Catherine Bell 865-­‐690-­‐6667
Texas Nancy Amburgey*
Jill & Russell  Drennan
Sherry Wallis
Rick & Teresa Witte
Virginia Nancy Fisk 508-­‐618-­‐9553
Washington Sally Compton
Maddy Goss
Wisconsin David Osborn 920-­‐864-­‐2953
In the United States and Canada, the Akita is a member of the Working Group....Read More!
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The Akita is one of Seven Breeds designated as a National Monument in his native country of Japan. Bred as a versatile hunting dog in the rugged mountains of Northern Japan,...Continue Reading!

Akita Club of America

The Akita Club of America is a member of the American Kennel Club and, as such, is the only National Akita Breed Club which is recognized and sanctioned by the AKC. The main objectives of the Akita Club of America are the preservation and protection of the breed and improvement of the character and conformation of the Akita as described in the official breed standard.

About the Akita

A natural monument in Japan, the Akita’s proud heritage includes hunting large game such as bear, elk, and boar. This powerful and dignified member of the Working Group is renowned for courage and loyalty, but may not be tolerant of other animals. His luxurious double coat can include any combination of vibrant colors. Aloof toward strangers, they form strong family bonds. Highly intelligent with keen sense of humor, the Akita responds best to respectful commands and training techniques that rely on motivation rather than force. Strong-willed and proud, Akitas are not receptive to abusive methods. Akitas originated in Japan many, many years ago, and have been designated a natural monument of Japan. They are a large, impressive breed with natural guarding instincts. While generally reserved with people they don’t know, Akitas are affectionate with their family. They tend to be independent, and while they will always know where you are in your home, they do not need constant attention as do some of the more dependent breeds. For more about this amazing breed, please spend some time here at our site. There’s a wonderful world to explore.