Matagi's Just Musing Around CA BCAT CGC CGCA TKN, NW1, VA
Breeder: Breeder: Lynn Arnold and Dianne Franck
Owners: Kimberly and Charles Appel

Kitara is our first performance dog, and what an adventure we are having!  ABC’s Wide World of Sports said it best, “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  The human drama of athletic competition.” She has taught us so much thus far, between patience, trusting your dog, and letting me know when I am being too serious during a competitive event. Kitara continues to be a conservation volunteer, while hiking she performs cleanup efforts on the southern side of the Pinchot Hiking trail over expansive and impressive 26 miles of trails. There is still so much for us to look forward to accomplishing between the next levels of National Canine Scent Work Association (NACSW) and AKC Scent work with a target goal of finding ginseng in the woods, so she can pay for her own classes.  We are pursuing coursing ability advance, and  all levels of FAST CAT. We will be checking out some of the other activities that AKC has to offer, especially those that  other breed owners do not expect Akitas to show up at.  We are continually amazed and proud of her.