Join the Akita Club of America

Information About the Application Process

The application process takes approximately three (3) months from the time we receive an application to the time an applicant is accepted into membership. The Vice President receives an application, determines that it is in order, then submits it to the Board for review. The names of pending applicants are then published, by email to all members, for review. If there are no objections to the pending applicant, the Board entertains a motion to accept the applicant/s into membership and the motion is voted on at the next monthly Board meeting.

To ensure that your application is processed without delay: complete the form in full (do not leave questions blank), and have two (2) ACA members in good standing (and from separate households) each complete a Membership Candidate Sponsor Questionnaire (details below). You must e-sign and submit the application (ONLINE), Please contact any member of the ACA Board if you need help locating ACA members or a local Akita Club in your area, and an ACA Regional Representative will contact you. Remember: This application form must be completed in full before processing will occur.