'23 National

2023 Nationals Results List Form2023-11-17T17:46:55-07:00
2023 National Best of Breed (BOB)2023-11-04T14:39:54-07:00
2023 National Best of Opposite (BOS)2023-12-04T09:08:31-07:00
2023 National Select Dog (SD)2023-10-24T04:31:36-07:00
2023 National Select Bitch (SB)2023-10-24T04:33:37-07:00
2023 National Winners Dog (WD)2023-11-07T04:05:02-07:00
2023 National 6 to 9 Month Dog Class 1st Place2023-11-04T17:17:12-07:00
2023 National Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB)2023-11-03T19:22:30-07:00
2023 National Award of Merit 2 of 52024-03-27T10:42:34-07:00
2023 National Award of Merit 1 of 52023-11-10T20:19:51-07:00
2023 Nationals Best in Sweepstakes2023-11-07T08:47:47-07:00
2023 National Best of Opposite Sweeps2023-11-04T14:04:11-07:00
2023 Nationals Best in Breeders Cup2024-01-02T03:49:49-07:00
2023 Nationals Best in Opposite Breeders Cup2024-01-02T03:43:22-07:00
2023 Nationals Best Junior in Opposite Sweeps2023-11-07T09:39:44-07:00


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