• Start training for the newest AKC Performance Title “Trick Dog.” All dogs are eligible to enter and it is FUN!! If your dog has a CGC title, it only takes 5 tricks required for the Novice title . . . don’t have a CGC? Take the test that day and enter the Novice Tricks Class. More information is available from AKC with detailed approved tricks.

  • Thursday Afternoon: The BEC is proud to present a very special handling seminar at the 2017 ACA Nationals in Wilmington OH. This information packed seminar will be presented by two world class handlers, Mr. Richard Hellman and Mr. Paul Levesque. Mr. Hellman has been a legendary handler in Europe for several decades and Mr. Levesque has been a premier handler of many breeds and has taken two different Akitas to top honors, including Nationals wins. Even if you never aspire to handle your own dogs, the art of handling is enormously multi-faceted, requiring a complete understanding of structure and movement and the correct way to present both, training methods that start very early and encompass understanding behavior and specific temperaments and how those apply to the show ring, plus a total working knowledge of the standard and how to show a dog's strengths. These are just a few of the skills that both presenters will be bringing to both ACA members and non-members alike. An initial session with Mr. Hellman will show some of the very basics of training a puppy to end up being that perfect show star who delights in the process. The second session presented by Mr. Levesque and Mr. Hellman will include how to's on presenting an adult and how to use all those skills equally useful to breeding as to exhibiting. You are invited to observe or come with a dog but either way come with an open mind. Walk-ins welcome! Reservations in advance: $15 for ACA Members, $20 for non-Members. $20 at the door for ACA Members, $25 for non-Members.
  • The Canine Good Citizen Program is a program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10–step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. Three tests are offered: Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Urban, and Canine Good Citizen Advanced. If desired, dogs may be tested for one, two or all three titles. Dogs must pass the CGC test to be eligible for CGC-A and CGC-U titles.

  • Out of stock
    Very limited availability - for attendees travelling far to our Nationals, we are offering a package that includes a grooming space, table and dryer for the week.
  • Grooming Space - 10 x 10 with electricity - for the week. Efforts will be made to place your setup near another party you specify but are not guaranteed.
  • This year at the 2017 Nationals, the Show Committee will be holding a special event for foreign-bred Akitas! This event will be held Wednesday afternoon, with entries being taken through regular show hours on Tuesday.  Rosettes will be awarded in first through fourth place, and classes will be presided over by a Special Guest Judge. The intent of this event is to showcase the Akitas that join us each year from countries outside the U.S., during our National Specialty Week. Qualifications:
    • Entries must have been bred in countries outside the United States
    • Entries must be at least six months of age
    • Entries must also be entered in another regular class at this Nationals
    • Entries' owners and/or co-owners must reside outside the U.S.,  and no owners and/or co-owners may be a U.S. resident.
  • The JEC will present a two-part seminar for aspiring, prospective, and current AKC Judges on the history, temperament, type, gait, and structure of Akitas. Friday evening’s seminar will include an in depth study of the Akita Standard and a hands-on demonstration using approximately 10 dogs who are excellent representatives of the breed. Light snacks and beverages will be included. $35 by advance reservation. $45 at the door. Fee includes light snacks Friday evening, reserved seating in the JEC area, a show catalog, seminar materials, and certificates.

    Continued, SATURDAY, October 7, 2017

    TBD, During Best of Breed Competition

    Ringside mentoring by JEC members and Parent-Club-approved mentors will take place during Best of Breed judging. Additional ringside mentoring is available throughout the week’s events, October 3-6, and should be arranged in advance through Sylvia Thomas.
  • Work out any last-minute kinks or just put the sheen on a final polish. This run-through opportunity will run Monday at a time to be determined and posted after entries close. This is a practice run through for people only, no dogs. 

    Submit your entry here, or at the show site up until the event begins. Entry forms will be taken on site. Proceeds benefit ACA Rescue. Spectators welcome!

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    This year at the 2017 Nationals, we are bringing back the Rescue and Titleholder's Parade!

    The rescue who melted a heart; the therapy dog who healed a soul; the agility crack-shot who flew, zipped and dashed; the precision canine who heeled, sat and returned; the stunning grand champion who still takes a breath away… all of them deserve their moment in the Parade spotlight.

    Entrants will receive a rosette. After entering, send a 100-word or less paragraph detailing your Akita’s story, talents and accomplishments to [email protected] Entries and story. You may include music to accompany your special dog’s spotlight in the ring. 

    Give your Akita some time in the spotlight and show off some skills! Whether your dog does tricks or the best licks in town, we will enjoy sharing time and recognition of our companions, their accomplishments and their owners!
  • For $25.00 per week, RV'ers will receive a hotel pass which they can use for all the hotel amenities, this includes the use of the gym and pool.
  • RV Reservations on site - $45 per night. No hookups. For an additional $25.00 per week, RV'ers will receive a hotel pass which they can use for all the hotel amenities, this includes the use of facilities in the gym and pool. See below for off-site alternative and fuel/dump facilities.
  • Seating is reserved for ALL events except Top 20 during Nationals Week. Priority front row seats will be given to ACA Nationals volunteers. Only 2 front row seats will be honored for each order. NO OUTSIDE SEATING ALLOWED.

    Multiple seat requests must list information for each seat — Limit 4 seats per request

Akita Club of America

The Akita Club of America is a member of the American Kennel Club and, as such, is the only National Akita Breed Club which is recognized and sanctioned by the AKC. The main objectives of the Akita Club of America are the preservation and protection of the breed and improvement of the character and conformation of the Akita as described in the official breed standard.

About the Akita

A natural monument in Japan, the Akita’s proud heritage includes hunting large game such as bear, elk, and boar. This powerful and dignified member of the Working Group is renowned for courage and loyalty, but may not be tolerant of other animals. His luxurious double coat can include any combination of vibrant colors. Aloof toward strangers, they form strong family bonds. Highly intelligent with keen sense of humor, the Akita responds best to respectful commands and training techniques that rely on motivation rather than force. Strong-willed and proud, Akitas are not receptive to abusive methods. Akitas originated in Japan many, many years ago, and have been designated a natural monument of Japan. They are a large, impressive breed with natural guarding instincts. While generally reserved with people they don’t know, Akitas are affectionate with their family. They tend to be independent, and while they will always know where you are in your home, they do not need constant attention as do some of the more dependent breeds. For more about this amazing breed, please spend some time here at our site. There’s a wonderful world to explore.