Register of Merit

The Akita Club of America grants the title “ROM” Register Of Merit to current ACA members that are owners/co-owners (and as of 2014 breeders will too) of the dog/bitch that has achieved ROM status. This means that a bitch which has produced five (5) champion progeny, and a dog who has produced ten (10) champion progeny will receive their ROM. The owners can use the letters ROM after the name, although this is not an official AKC title.

Louise Davie is our current ROM Chairperson.  With the ACA now sponsoring the pedigree database, it made sense to combine the efforts of building out our Akita pedigrees as well as maintain our Akita titles in one database.   Developing the ROM database is part of that effort.
Any questions about ROM status, Titles or Pedigrees in the database can be sent to: Louise Davie at


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