Advertising – Akita Review

The 2024 Akita Review is a collection of high-quality ads not only showcasing the cream of the crop from your kennels who excel in conformation, but also your Akitas who enjoy the performance aspect. Do you have young hopefuls starting out? A planned breeding? A litter in the whelping box? How about your local ACA-Member Rescue Organization? This is the publication you won’t want to miss for promoting them. If you have any questions, reach out to Kathy Amrine.

*Ad Guidelines:

All ads that are submitted must be at 300DPI and RGB in color. If you need ad design assistance, please contact your professional ad designer or reach out to Kathy for suggestions.
These designers have indicated an interest in developing ads for the Akita Review:

Everyone who places an ad will receive a FREE Akita Review hard copy as well as “Flip book version”. Please submit your art or have your professional ad designer submit artwork. Submit completed ads by October 15, 2024. The ACA reserves the right to decline any ad inconsistent with our goal of promoting the breed.