Rivendell's Boromir VA
Owner: Cecille Juresko

Grizz earned his Versatile Akita based on almost 150 hours of therapy dog service. He was a Delta Society certified therapy dog for almost 7 years. He worked as a Reading Rover at Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane WA. Grizz & I committed to 1 day a week for the entire school year. We helped kids with reading difficulties ranging from dyslexia to English as a second language. The kids loved their reading sessions and Grizz loved the kids.

Grizz also served as a therapy dog at Shriner's Hospital for Children for 7 years. He played cards & pulled children in wheelchairs down the hallway. Many children were not able to come to the Therapy room so we visited their rooms. He sat quietly for petting & would lie down in their rooms, oozing soothing vibes. He was tall enough that he could put his head on their laps. Grizz also earned his Canine Good Citizen. He was one special boy.