Owner: John Wheeler
Breeder: Unknown

Some of you know Sarge is my personal rescue, adopted (10/3/13) from an accident litter when he was 13 weeks old. He started developing allergies shortly after and during the winter of 2015 developed hypothyroidism and sebaceous adenitis. There were quite a few days during that time he was so sick he looked like he was dying but I never gave up to get him better which included leaving a vet I was with for 17 years. Sarge finally started getting better since this vet is familiar with the Akita and their thyroid levels but his coat remained in bad shape. One thing led to another and we were referred to a dermatologist, who, within 15 minutes, diagnosed the SA, and sent out skin biopsies to confirm. I was given a bathing routine, meds, and the rest is history with him getting back to his old self again.

As he started feeling better with his skin healing and coat growing back, we earned his first title in Sept. 2016, a CGC. The following Spring (2017) I entered our first obedience trials which went very well, since then we’ve gotten involved in rally and scent work training along with going to trials. I try to do many different things with him as well as taking him to a lot of different places to make him a well-rounded Akita with confidence and friendliness as his tools on our journey together.