Seaisland's Synchronicity CA CGCA RATO RATI VA
Owner: Ann Schmidt, Breeder: Louise Davie

I've always thought Kyoki is an incredible athlete & very smart. Plus having a high prey drive, I knew I'd better keep her busy! I must give credit to her breeder, Louise Davie. Her dogs are quite sound in mind & body and I appreciate that immensely. Kyoki has been the neutral dog for CGC, participated in Meet the Breed but I think her favorite event so far has been Barn Hunt. (That Akita hunter!) It has been a lot of work with so much reward! I have met some incredible people that I now call my friends. I would encourage anyone with a dog to go try something that sounds interesting to you. You'll strengthen the bond between yourself & your dog & have a great time doing it. I'm not sure what the two of us will try next but whatever it is, it's all about the journey for us!