The Introduction to Scent Work Workshop will cover the basics of trialing in AKC Scent Work as well as giving participants the opportunity to have a short training session with their dog. The focus of this workshop is to give handlers and dogs who have had no prior experience in scent work a sneak peak of what it is all about. Akitas have a natural ability for scent work and this is a fun, low impact sport for both dog and handler. No prior training experience is required for the dog and/or handler. Spectators/auditors are welcome. There is limited availability for working spots.
Tuesday after judging in the main show ring.

Scent Work Starter Kits will be available by pre-order. The kit includes Q-tip filled jars with all four target odors, 2 hide tins, tweezers, and 5 regulation sized boxes.

Please contact Barbara Sikkink at with questions.