We are pleased to feature the Rescue and Titleholder’s Parade at our National!

The rescue who melted a heart; the therapy dog who healed a soul; the agility crack-shot who flew, zipped and dashed; the precision canine who heeled, sat and returned; the stunning grand champion who still takes a breath away… all of them deserve their moment in the Parade spotlight.

This year our Rescues will be featured before Top 20, TItleholders after Top 20. Entrants will receive a rosette. After entering, send a 100-word or less paragraph detailing your Akita’s story, talents and accomplishments to efulghum@paradigm-eng.com

Give your Akita some time in the spotlight and show off some skills! Whether your dog does tricks or the best licks in town, we will enjoy sharing time and recognition of our companions, their accomplishments and their owners!