Sponsored 2022 National Trophy

Sponsored 2022 National Trophy

IMPORTANT!!! See list below for available trophies. Contact Barbara Sikkink at quantumakitas@gmail.com with any questions. Available trophy list is updated daily.

You may also donate to the “Any Trophy” fund at this link:

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Trophies available 3/15/21, First come, first served. If more than one person purchases a trophy, the next-in-line purchaser(s) will be contacted with alternatives. Thank you for understanding.

Pre-National Regular ClassesPrice
High Triple Qualifying Score$75
High Combined Score$75
National Regular ClassesPrice
High Combined Score$150
National Non Regular ClassesPrice
International Best Opposite$50
Best Futurity Junior$25
Best Opposite Futurity Junior$25
Best Opposite Futurity Puppy$25
Best Maturity Junior$25
Best Opposite Maturity Junior$25
Best Maturity Senior$25
Best Opposite Maturity Senior$25
Best Opposite Junior Sweeps$25
Best Sr. Sweeps$25


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