Suggs' Jasmine Jade CD CGC TT CDX VAX
Owner: Cathy Suggs

Jade was my first Akita, and my first to get a CD and a CDX. In 1998 she was ranked the #1 obedience Akita... she was also my first Akita with Sebaceous Adenitis. She finished her CDX at the age of 7... Just over a year after being diagnosed with SA. I can honestly and proudly say she is a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME AKITA"... Ms. Jade passed away on 11/08/01 at the age of 10½, due to complications of bloat surgery.

Jade was well known in the Akita world for her endurance and courage in the face of adversity. Although she suffered many years from SA, she was always willing to help others understand more about that incurable disease.