President's Message
June, 2020:

This year has been challenging for all of us. In COVID-19, we are facing an adversary that is new to the world, and it has changed our lives. Many of us have been deeply impacted by the coronavirus through health and livelihood. The literal shutdown of the world has caused many people to not only lose jobs, but potentially their home and property.
As a club, we cannot overlook or downplay the coronavirus’ impact. What affects our members affects the club. Since February, many exhibitors have stopped showing their dogs. Given the contagious nature of the virus, 9,200 AKC shows and events have been canceled throughout the country. We are at a virtual standstill.
A great concern is the unknown. Other than knowing it is extremely contagious and has a high fatality rate, no
one, even among the experts, can make unequivocal statements about COVID-19: its cause, cure, treatment, or immunities. This virus is new to the world and long-term studies do not exist. The bottom line is no one has answers, yet, about what life will be like in the future.
Our members’ health is one of the highest priorities for us. Four months from today, when the ACA National Specialty is slated to be held in Indianapolis, the chances of a vaccine being discovered, studied, approved, manufactured, and widely distributed is highly improbable (if not impossible). There is little argument that the virus will still exist. The best we can hope for is a successful treatment plan and that the fatality rate is reduced. Read More

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