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ACA Versatility Program


  • To encourage Akita owners to provide opportunities for their dogs to work in the many ways in which Akitas are capable; enabling dogs and owners to know the joy of working together.
  • To provide certification for those Akita owners and their dogs who perform these tasks.
  • To encourage the breeding of Akitas with the soundness and temperament that enables them to work and interact with people to become the superb companions they are meant to be.


  • To establish criteria for the versatile Akita.
  • To establish areas in which these points can be earned.
  • To establish rules for certification.


  • The Akita shall be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). A PAL/ILP registration number is also permitted.
  • The applicant (owner or breeder) shall be a member in good standing of ACA at the time of application for the certificate.
  • Deceased Akitas meeting registration requirements and having fulfilled all the requirements for certification are eligible for the Versatility Certification if the applicant was a member of ACA when the dog was alive.
  • All necessary documentation must be completed and submitted to the ACA Versatility Committee for review.


  • The Beginner Versatile Akita (BVA) Certificate requires a minimum of 7 points using at least 3 categories including one performance title. Performance titles include: Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Flyball, Coursing, Carting/Drafting, Barn Hunt, Scent Work and Treibball
  • The Versatile Akita (VA) Certificate requires a minimum of 10 points using at least 5 categories including at least one performance title. Performance titles include: Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Flyball, Coursing, Carting/Drafting, Barn Hunt, Scent Work and Treibball,
  • The Versatile Akita Excellent (VAX) Certificate requires a minimum of 15 points using at least 6 categories. A maximum of 5 points from any area should encourage broad experience.


Documentation of the titles earned and the dog's registration MUST accompany the application.

  • Photocopies of title certificates, health testing reports and AKC registration papers
  • Temperament Category: Maximum 2 points allowed for Good Citizen tests; additional point must be from Temperament Test (ATTS or GSDCA).
  • Health Tests: Hip-OFA or Penn Hip, Eye-OFA, Thyroid-OFA, Elbow Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation. Results must be recorded with the appropriate registry. Non passing test results may be counted so long as the dog is no longer intact.
  • Community Service is an act that is performed for the benefit of the community at large. It is voluntary work intended for the common good usually done as part of an organized event. Examples are: Walking in a Pet Walk-A-Thon to raise money for a charity, working in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause, pick up a trail during National Trail Day in June, plan a special awareness event during Be Kind to Animals Week in May, make a display and participate in a township Earth Day event (how to protect dogs from ticks), etc.,
  • Public Education is educating the public about the Akita breed at an organized event. This should include handouts which cover the history of the breed, health issues, what it is like to live with an Akita (grooming, training, exercise requirements, fencing), and contact information for ACA.
  • Documentation for Community Service & Public Education includes: flyer, written description and explanation of participation including date/place.

Submit the Versatility Program Application form to the ACA Versatility Chair by mailing the application along with supporting documents through the U.S. Postal Service.
Upon earning the VAX title, owners can work towards advanced level certificates using other titles not previously counted from other venues which may/may not be recognized by AKC (Excluding “virtual” and/or “trust me” titles). For every 20 points, the VAX title will increase by 1. Example: VAX2 would be the VAX title plus 20 additional points. Each additional title earned, Community Service/Public Education event, and additional Health Test will count for 1 point each. Every new level of VAX+ will receive a certificate.

Submitting documentation for VAX+ will be the same as for submitting records for the BVA/VA/VAX titles.
For this level the dog’s full name including all titles will have to be electronically submitted in a format that can be copied to ensure proper listing of titles on the certificate.
Once your application has been approved, certificates for BVA, VA, VAX, VAX 2+, will be mailed out quarterly. BVA, VA, VAX, VAX2+ recipients can be posted on the Versatility Titleholders section of ACA website (picture and short biography). Only ACA members in good standing (owner and/or breeder) will be allowed a photo on the ACA Versatility section of the website.

Download the ACA Versatility Program in pdf format

Download ACA Versatility Program Application Form in pdf format

Updated 7/29/21