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ACA Versatility Program


The Akita Club of America (ACA) Versatility Program honors Akitas and their owners who are skilled in multiple activities with certificates of achievement. These achievements showcase the Akita’s diversity, athleticism, and adaptability through activities emphasizing strength, fitness, agility, speed, dexterity, soundness, health, temperament, intelligence, and natural instincts inherent to the breed. The Versatility Program was developed to foster, encourage, and support enriched socialization and responsible training of the Akita as well as breeding healthy dogs with stable temperaments suitable for companionship.


  • The Akita shall be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
    • A PAL/ILP registration number is also permitted.
  • The applicant (owner or breeder) shall be an ACA member in good standing at the time of application.
  • Deceased Akitas meeting registration requirements and having fulfilled certificate requirements are eligible if the applicant was an ACA member in good standing when the dog was alive.


  • One point for each title, health certificate, or community service/public education event.
    • Duplicate titles/certificates can be counted for VAX2+ certification (example: AKC RN and UKC R01 are duplicate titles).
    • Instinct/introductory titles/certificates (ACT, RATI, ORT, etc.) are counted towards VAX2+ certification only.
    • “Virtual” titles/certificates are excluded.
    • Community Service – events that benefit the community such as organized fundraisers.
    • Public Education – organized event that educates the public about the breed such as a pet fair or meet the breed event.
    • OFA health certificates accepted for:
      • Hips – fair, good, or excellent rating
      • Elbows, knees, thyroid – normal rating
      • Eyes – clear/normal rating


Beginner Versatile Akita (BVA) 7 4 1 none
Versatile Akita 3 5 1 BVA
Versatile Akita Excellent (VAX) 5 6 2 VA
Versatile Akita Excellent 2 (VAX2) 15 7 2 VAX
Versatile Akita Excellent 3 (VAX3) 15 8 2 VAX2
Versatile Akita Excellent 4 (VAX4) 15 9 2 VAX3
Versatile Akita Excellent 5 (VAX5)* 15 10 2 VAX4
*And beyond VAX5 15 10 2 VAX5+
Agility* AKC / UKC
Barn Hunt* BHA
Canine Good Citizen / SPOT AKC / UKC
Community Service / Public Education Per event
Conformation AKC - Championship titles and NOHS certificates
UKC - VAX2+ only
Coursing AKC / UKC
Dock Diving NADD
Farm Dog AKC
Flyball NAFA
Health OFA Certificates - normal/passing results only

DNA OFA, AKC, or UC Davis Akita Diversity (one only)

Obedience* AKC / UKC
Rally* AKC / UKC
Scent Work/Nosework* AKC / UKC / NACSW
Shed Dog UKC
Temperament AKC ATT or TT
Therapy AKC
Tracking* AKC
Trick Dog AKC
Weight Pull* UKC

* Performance Categories - achievement in this category meets performance title requirement.

Instinct titles or certificates (ACT, RATI, ORT, etc.) may not be used to meet performance title and /or category requirement.


Documentation of the titles earned and the dog's registration MUST accompany the application.

  • Photocopy of American Kennel Club registration papers and member ID card for all applicable titling
    organizations (United Kennel Club, Barn Hunt Association, National Association of Canine Scent Work,
    North America Diving Dogs, and/or North American Flyball Association).
  • Photocopy of all titling and/or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals health certificates.
  • For Community Service and Public Education, provide photos, flyer, and written description of event.


Documentation and Versatility Program Application may be submitted by email or mail as indicated on
the application form.

Download the ACA Versatility Program in pdf format updated March 2023

Download ACA Versatility Program Application Form in pdf format

Download ACA Versatility Program Application Attachment in pdf format

Updated 1/17/23