Weight Pull/Carting is the perfect “job” for a working breed. With you at the helm, you exhibit your Akita’s ability to pull a cart and exhibit proficiency at various maneuvering exercises.

Some of these exercises include showing turns, changes of direction, backing up, etc. and become increasingly difficult at the higher levels. You will demonstrate off lead heeling through serpentine courses and more! Eventually tasks are performed over and around obstacles – then weight is added! As part of a beginning drafting test, dogs are required to show basic obedience skills and stability. Your Akita’s ability to perform the carting tasks in public parks on busy weekends, when these tests are commonly held, demonstrates his good temperament and joy for working!

For a working dog like the Akita, this is a wonderful team-building activity that exhibits our breed performing a function for which it was once used!


American Kennel Club