Written by Carolyn Money:

MEET THE BREEDS Thank You’s!!!!

Now that I have recovered from this past weekend, big thank you’s are in order!

Keith Venezia, thanks for listening and for your support!! Anita Freiler Palmer thanks for the Coat of Many Colors poster design, it was beautiful. I think we may need another one!! John Sparkman and Dorie Sparkman thanks so much for building our beautiful Torii gate!!! Chihiro Cook for the Japanese lettering on the gate. To the TEAM that helped pull the booth display together, Elea Warf, Mike and Laurie WilliamsMike HaasDonald PlummerCathy Suggs.
To the Akitas and their humans that worked the booth and talked about Akitas over the weekend..Mike and Laurie Williams with Gracie, Laurie Stogsdill with Kenai, Elea Warf with Kayden and Darcy, Nancy Fisk with Petey, Dawn Hubbard with Ozai, Don Amaro with Colt, and my Kibbi, who worked it all day Saturday and Sunday! !

Thanks to Nancy Fisk, Elea Warf and Donald Plummer for helping me break it all down and pack up. Thanks Elea and Nancy for helping me get everything to the van!!! And lastly…THANKS Dorie for helping me take care of the 2 inch gash I cut in my leg when the cart fell out of the van when we were unloading the Torii gate at your house!!! I survived!!

MTB is truly a labor of love!!! It takes a good team to pull it together and educate the public! Congrats to everyone on the Group 3!!!!