Club Membership Renewal

In order to promote the highest ideals among Akita owners and breeders and aim for the continuous improvement of the Akita breed within the framework of the approved breed standard, we, the members of this club, pledge that:

  1. We will follow the rules of good sportsmanship which will be a credit to the breed, the club and myself in all Akita competition and activities.
  2. We will fully explain to all prospective Akita purchasers the advantages as well as the disadvantages of owning an Akita.
  3. We will attempt to help and befriend novice exhibitors and owners.
  4. We will keep well informed in the field of genetics and work to eliminate heredity defects from the breed.
  5. Each member will, before entering into a breeding agreement or doing any breeding of his own dogs, carefully analyze the conformation and pedigrees of the prospective sire and dam. He shall refuse the mating if, in his opinion, it will not be in the best interest of the breed. If he denies stud service, he will fully explain his reasons to the owner of the bitch.
  6. We will participate in a program of hip-x-raying and eye examinations by qualified veterinarians to eliminate hip dysplasia and congenital eye problems.
  7. When an Akita has hereditary faults of such nature as to make his or her use for breeding detrimental to the furtherance of the breed, that dog shall be neutered/spayed.
  8. We will refuse to deal with dog wholesalers or to sell puppies to pet shops and will include in all stud contracts an agreement to be signed by the owner of the bitch that no puppies resulting from the mating will be wholesaled, sold or given to pet shops or wholesale dog breeders or dealers.
  9. Furthermore, we will refuse to wholesale (buy or sell) any registered breed of dog, singly or in litter lots realizing that we as dog fanciers are responsible for not only our own breed but for others as well. 10 All puppies or adults sold as pet quality and at pet prices should be sold on spay/neuter contracts with written agreement that no AKC registration papers will be issued until the seller has received veterinary certification that surgery has been performed and a copy of that sent to AKC.
  10. Only ACA Members in good standing will will be permitted to cast a vote on ACA ballot issues.

Fill out our online form below or print and mail ACA Club Membership Renewal in PDF.

    Renewal Deadline is February 28th, 2023. Renewals dated after Feb. 28 must be approved by the ACA Board of Directors. Please Note: This is an Online Renewal form for Regional Member Clubs. For your Club to join the ACA for the first time, please print out and complete the

    New Membership Application.


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    Electronic Balloting

    Electronic Balloting for any issue requiring a membership vote. Electronic Balloting will be in accordance with California State Statute 5510 and the American Kennel Club Procedure on Electronic Balloting for AKC Parent Clubs.
    The Akita Club of America is released from liability should the ballot be received late or not received by the Member Club due to circumstances beyond the Akita Club of America's control. The AKC requires the member club to affirm their intentions with respect to electronic balloting (further, this consent is revocable at any time by written request from a member club). Finally, AKC requires the Club to retain the signed consent forms. This electronic form will be archived by the Club for this purpose.

    I have read the above Code of Ethics and the terms of Electronic Balloting, as witnessed by my signature below. I understand that any breach of the Code of Ethics may be cause for dismissal from the club.


    The renewal must be mailed to the Vice President on or before February 28 of the dues year or the membership will be lapsed and terminated.
    Please refer to ACA Constitution and Bylaws Article II Membership, Section 2 Dues.
    2. Your membership renewal will not be accepted unless:
    a. It is completely filled out
    b. All required items listed in point 3 below are included as required
    c. The ACA Code of Ethics (see reverse side) is signed by an officer of your club
    d. Forms are accompanied by the correct payment (unless previously pre-paid)
    3. Please return the following with your renewal statement:
    a. Current list of officers
    b. Up-to-date membership roster (must represent approximately 20 members or more)
    c. Your club’s Code of Ethics (if changed from previous year)
    d. Your club’s Constitution and Bylaws (if changed from previous year)
    4. Please note the following timeline if your club hosts an ACA Designated Specialty or ACA Supported Entry
    a. Dues must be paid through the entire year that the Specialty or Supported Entry is expected to occur
    b. ACA Specialty/Supported Entry application AND AKC show application must be received by the ACA Corresponding Secretary at least 7 months prior to the show.
    c. The proposed judging panel must be received by the ACA Corresponding Secretary for submission to the AKC at least 6 months prior to the show.

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