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AKC - New York Meet the Breed

Well another MEET THE BREEDS NYC is in the books ! This year it was back at the Javits Center & a two day event again, the last few years it was on the Piers & was one day , The Javits Center is a way better venue for the masses ! This is a huge undertaking by all of us who came to NYC from VA, NJ, PA, MA & CT to represent our wonderful breed & our parent club the ACA at this huge event, MTB NYC is a stand alone event & is not in conjunction with a dog show like the rest of the MTB events - we & the Akita Breed are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of true friends to spend the weekend with.

So as liaison for MTB NYC a bunch of Thank you’s are in order , first & foremost A HUGE & heartfelt Thank You goes out to

Diane Lynch  & Jerid Ahrens who are the brains & brawn of what we do , they transform a blank spot into a magical step back into Japan full of Akita history & education, They are always there to talk & educate the people & hold dogs when the owners need a break - The dogs are always the stars & this year again they ROCKED IT ! All but one of our Akitas this year were newbies & we were well represented by the solid temperament of these dogs , so without further wait let me introduce The NYC Akita Crew - representing the ladies we had Pyrrah , who loved everyone & took everything in stride, always alert & attentive on the floor , but in the crate was lights out ! we also had Ch. Jewell , who was the only one who has attended MTB before 5 years ago ,when she was a 5 month old puppy, she was often mistaken for a puppy as she’s on the small side but she certainly makes that up in her huge personality ,her specialty was enchanting the crowd into giving her belly rubs , both of these girls are proudly bred & owned by Myself & Linda Ingemi

Pyrrah is cobred by Angie Miller ,the boys were well represented by Ch. Bic & Ch. Winter , both owned by Nancy Fisk, Winter was bred by Constantino Zaera these big loving boys, wowed the crowds with their size & big personalities, our last boy was Ch. Caliber who can only be described as happy,happy, happy, he was non stop smiles & tail wagging , not only to the crowds but he was Definitely trying to impress Pyrrah & Jewel ,Caliber is bred & owned by Linda Bacco, these dogs are not just pretty faces they are a testament of their breeders years of dedication to breed excellent Akitas ! along side the breeders & owners were B.E.A.R - Big East Akita Rescue gurus Matt & JoAnn Dimon who are always helping to educate the crowds on the positive & negative of our breed - I didn’t get many pictures but Jerid, Diane & JoAnn did so check out their FB timelines !

I’ll say it one more time Thank You to our fantastic Akitas Pyrrah, Jewell, Bic, Winter & Caliber & to the crew Diane, Jerid , Nancy, Joyce, Linda B & Linda I , Matt & JoAnn without you all Meet The Breeds NYC would not be the the fun filled education event that the American Kennel Club wants to promote !

Can’t wait till next year!
Frank Ingemi
Akita Club of America
Meet The Breed Liaison

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Published on March 12, 2017 by Diane Lynch

The 2017 AKC Meet and Compete, Meet the Breeds event was a little extra special this year for those who manned the booth with the Second Place win for the Working Group for Best Booth!

ACA members Frank and Linda Ingemi with the effervescent Monstress brought together another great group to see us to the finish! As always a crowd pleaser with her wiggle dance - oh Monstress - how many laps did you sit in at the event??? Veteran Team MTB member Britt LaCroix,her right hand man, Jason Ferrar and their boy wonderful Orien brought down the house. Orien is always a show stopper with the big beautiful head and the ever wagging tail! Members Matt and Joann Dimon of Big East Akita Rescue share not only their vast knowledge of Akitas but their sweet heart Japanese Akita Amaya. Amaya never ran out of kisses to share! Also thanks to Jerid Ahrens and Yumi MacDonald for their help!

Thanks to all our great Akitas who represented our breed with pride and a sense of humor; to their outstanding, knowledgeable handlers and to our booth organizer Diane Lynch.

Hope to see you all next year!

AKC - Orlando Meet The Breed

Written by Carolyn Money

AKC National Championship, presented by Royal Canin is now just around the corner.
Elea Warf and I have started getting stuff together for the Meet the Breeds booth.
Last year we had such a great turn out of our ACA breeders and their beautiful Akitas, I hope that those of you that will be in Orlando showing will do the same this year!! Last year we won best in group! Very exciting!!

This will be the last year I will do this event for the Akita Club of America.
Since I am kicking 70 in the arse, I feel it is time for the younger folks to take over. They have more stamina than I do!🤣
It has been such a joy for me doing this event year after year with my Kibbi. She is like her Mom....to old to do it any longer.
Elea WarfJennifer Aasa,and Melinda Harbaugh will be taking over, with Elea as the Meet the Breeds AKC liason.
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has supported this effort over the years from working the booth, helping set up on Friday's, as MTB is so important for our breed and the public. Education, education, education!!
I know that everyone will do all they can to support Elea and the new team Akita!!

Carolyn Money Wrote:

GREAT BIG THANK YOU'S to everyone that participated in this years success at Meet the Breeds in Orlando.
My partner in crime Elea Warf!! Thanks to Matt Dimon/JoAnn Dimon for coming all the way from NJ to give the girls a hand! You ROCK! Dorie Sparkman, my support system.To Janet Bernardino for helping set up and take down  All of our guest on Saturday and Sunday....
Elea Warf/ Kayden and Darcy, Joeallen Kaiser and Gary/ Rudy and Hollie Beary, Laurie Stogsdill and Kenai, Jennifer Aasa/Washi, Keith Venezia/ Argo, Dawn Hubbard/Talisker, Sherry Wallis/Freddie, Don Amara/His 2 girls in panties😊Wenny Wang Bauman, Lori Rickards, Melinda HarbaughRee Keca, who found if you come for a visit, we put you to work!😉, Rita Bittle, Nancy Fisk, Ronnie Moore for dropping by ( next time bring Cooper)!
This is my 8th year doing MTB in Orlando and the first year that we have had this much representation from ACA members and our preservation breeders and the first time we won 1st in working group for our booth!! WOOHOO!! Next year we will work harder and get a BIS!!! So thanks to everyone and here's hoping next years representation is as good or better!! Way to go team Akita!!!!!
AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU Paula Lane for the beautiful backdrop!

Written by Carolyn Money:

MEET THE BREEDS Thank You's!!!!
Now that I have recovered from this past weekend, big thank you's are in order!
Keith Venezia, thanks for listening and for your support!! Anita Freiler Palmer thanks for the Coat of Many Colors poster design, it was beautiful. I think we may need another one!! John Sparkman and Dorie Sparkman thanks so much for building our beautiful Torii gate!!! Chihiro Cook for the Japanese lettering on the gate. To the TEAM that helped pull the booth display together, Elea Warf, Mike and Laurie WilliamsMike HaasDonald PlummerCathy Suggs.
To the Akitas and their humans that worked the booth and talked about Akitas over the weekend..Mike and Laurie Williams with Gracie, Laurie Stogsdill with Kenai, Elea Warf with Kayden and Darcy, Nancy Fisk with Petey, Dawn Hubbard with Ozai, Don Amaro with Colt, and my Kibbi, who worked it all day Saturday and Sunday! !
Thanks to Nancy Fisk, Elea Warf and Donald Plummer for helping me break it all down and pack up. Thanks Elea and Nancy for helping me get everything to the van!!! And lastly...THANKS Dorie for helping me take care of the 2 inch gash I cut in my leg when the cart fell out of the van when we were unloading the Torii gate at your house!!! I survived!!
MTB is truly a labor of love!!! It takes a good team to pull it together and educate the public! Congrats to everyone on the Group 3!!!!

2015 We didn't get many pictures, so here's a few:

Carolyn Money Wrote:

Eukanuba MTB 2015!!!
Thank you for your help Mike HaasTheresa KingElea WarfDonald PlummerJanet BernardinoDon Amara, Channel!!! You guys ROCK!!
Elea Warf thanks for helping me until 8:30 and for taking these photos ( I hate dead phones) It has been along day...Good night!