ACA Regional Specialties


Holding an AKC/ACA Event for Your Club in Conjunction with an All-Breed Show

  1. The member club’s show chair, which AKC requires to be a current member, must obtain the ACA Member Club Regional/Supported/Sweeps application form, which is available on the ACA website or from the ACA Corresponding Secretary.

  2. Member club dues need to be paid through the year of the specialty/supported event.

  3. If the show is being held in conjunction with another club, a host letter from the other club inviting the member club to participate must be provided. The host letter may be a letter on club letterhead or an e-mail from the host club president or show chair.

  4. The host letter, AKC show/trial application, disaster and emergency plan form (whose chair must be a current ACA member), judges panel form, and payment to AKC for event fees must be sent to the ACA Corresponding Secretary six (6) months prior to the show’s closing date. These may all be mailed to the ACA Corresponding Secretary or e-mailed to as pdf documents. Payment may be made either by check payable to AKC or by credit card.

  5. The member club must send the ACA Corresponding Secretary a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance showing ACA as an additional insured under the member club’s insurance policy. If the insurance policy will expire prior to the specialty/supported event, then a current Certificate of Liability Insurance must be provided at the time the show documents are submitted and another Certificate of Liability Insurance provided after renewal of the insurance, verifying that ACA is covered by the member club’s insurance for the time of the specialty/supported event.

  6. ACA Corresponding Secretary will review all documents submitted by the member club, verify that they are complete and correct, sign where needed, then make a motion to the Board to allow the member club to use ACA’s license for the event. Show applications, disaster and emergency plans, and judges panel forms all need to be signed by ACA Corresponding Secretary, not by a member club officer.

  7. After the motion is seconded, the ACA Recording Secretary posts the motion.

  8. ACA Board members have 5 days in which to vote on the motion.

  9. ACA Recording Secretary advises the Board as to the status of the motion: passed or failed.

  10. If the motion passes, ACA Corresponding Secretary submits all documents and payment to AKC Event Plans. Documents may be mailed to AKC or be e-mailed as pdf documents with payment made via check or credit card.

  11. ACA Corresponding Secretary notifies member club show chair that the event has been approved and documents have been sent to AKC.

Stumbling Blocks to Avoid

  1. Show Chair is not a current ACA member.

  2. Emergency Response Chair is not a current ACA member.

  3. Judges Panel form isn’t initialed verifying member club has signed contracts for judges.

  4. Missing Disaster and Emergency Plan form.

  5. No Host letter.

  6. Failure to include payment of the AKC Event fee.

  7. Not having ACA dues paid in advance up to and including the event year.

  8. Submitting forms to ACA Corresponding Secretary late.

Download the fillable application form by clicking here REGIONAL APPLICATION FORM

Online Event Management System

AKC now has a program so show/trial applications, disaster and emergency plan forms, and judges panel forms can all be submitted online. Changes to information can also be done online. This process is much faster and secure than mailing forms and checks. Payment must be made with a credit card. Any member club which would prefer that the ACA Corresponding Secretary use the Online Event Management System may either send the forms to the ACA Corresponding Secretary as usual or provide the required information, except for credit card, in an e-mail to the ACA Corresponding Secretary. For security purposes, please do not e-mail credit card information. Call the ACA Corresponding Secretary and provide the credit card information over the phone. If the judges panel will be submitted online, copies of signed judges’ contracts need to be sent to the ACA Corresponding Secretary for verification. These can be sent via e-mail as pdfs.

Due Dates

AKC must have all documents 18 weeks prior to the show closing date. Documents are requested 6 months in advance to allow time for processing documents, especially when they may be incomplete or incorrect, and for the Board to vote on the motion to approve the show.

Late Fees

Member clubs are liable for AKC late fees due to late submission and/or incomplete/incorrect documents from member clubs. AKC fines $50 for late applications and $10 per week. The same AKC late fine amounts apply for judges panel forms and are in addition to the show/trial late charges. (Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 2, Sections 4 & 9)


Please use Delivery Confirmation with anything sent through the U.S. Postal Service. Time sensitive material should be sent Priority Mail.

Independent Clubs

Every two years the ACA Corresponding Secretary requests a current list of independent Akita clubs and the blanket approval form letter from AKC Event Plans. ACA Corresponding Secretary makes a motion to the Board requesting a two-year blanket approval for all active independent clubs on AKC’s list. After the motion is voted on and passed, ACA Corresponding Secretary completes and signs the blanket approval form letter and send it to AKC Event Plans.